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My ultimate team

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My ultimate team Empty My ultimate team

Post  J Box Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:10 am

I have come up with a team of pokemon that if i can get all the stuff below i think will be awesome! if u know anything about pokemon plz offer ur thoughts

Sceptile: Bold natured
-leaf storm
-solor beam

Magmortar: modest natured
-fire blast
-sunny day
-heat wave

Metagross: sassy natured
-meteor mash
-zen headbutt
-giga impact

Garchomp: carefull natured
-dragon rush
-dragon claw
-fireblast (pending)

Milotic: bold natured
-hydro pumo
-ice beam
-hyper beam
-aqua ring

Magnezone: calm natured
-zap cannon
-rain dance

my team is designed for double battles where Magmortar will complement Sceptile. Garchomp and Metacross are atking powerhouses. and milotic and magnezone complement eachother.

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